Solar energy efficiency improvement

Innovation through technology

Solar panels and solar power generations has been widely adopted over the past decades. One of the major issues for flat panel solar energy productions is that as more energy is produced, the photovoltaic panels (PV) panel temperature increases and the conversion efficiency (CE) reduces 1. Only until recently, scientist starts to claim that the mechanism causing this light induced degradation has been understood 2. There is no practical solution yet. In the meantime, the commercial product mostly has CE at around 20% 3.

The majority energy, (typically >70 %) was absorbed, heat up the solar panel and eventually dissipated into the environment. There is tremendous scientific research made to continuous increase the solar panel CE. Every percentage gain in CE gain will lead to large benefits in terms of total energy produced. Heat sink with increased surface area can effectively dissipate energy, reduce temperature, improve efficiency, reduce degradation and failure rate, ultimately has the potential to reduce levelized cost of energy (LCOE). IBT has developed unique materials and design solution to produce cost effective heat sink to reduce PV temperature, without increase installation cost of solar panel. Interested? Please contact us to be our partner or collaborators to get this technology to the market and help to reduce solar energy cost and CO2 emission.

Interested in working with us to get this technology to the next level? If you are solar panel manufacture, investor, installer and is interested to be our partner, please contact us. Let's build technology for further reduce solar energy LCOE, and enable more clean energy to be utilized.