Support for American Made Network

IBT is a member of American Made Network

IBT is one of the first member of American Made Network and support R&D projects for teams participant to American Made Challenges. IBT has a small experienced R&D team, lead by a research fellow who is an IEEE Fellow and a Fellow for National Academy of Inventors. The team will be able to support inventors, other R&D teams from academia research groups, small businesses etc. in various capacities, including: proposal development, technology and prototype development and validation, test and characterization, coaching and mentoring, and project management.

Specifically, for American Made Challenge, the team in IBT is able to:

  1. Provide expertise and platform on materials sciences, device prototype design and development, test and characterization for existing R&D teams.
  2. Review and improve technical proposals, provide input for reviews
  3. For inventors or teams from overseas, IBT help to form a US lead/based team to enable international scholar to participate the challenges.

If you are participate any challenges, and needs specific support, you can contact us.

Here is the link to the American Made Network

Here is the link to the American Made Challenges